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Add MS SQL support into Business Transaction Monitoring -ACE v.12

I'm really happy to see that BTM is back in ACE v.12.0.2, it is a feature we've been missing since IIB v.10.Unfortunately BTM is currently only supported for db2 and Oracle and in our organization we only have MS SQL Servers. So, sadly, we can not...
4 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

IBM MQ for z/OS - Queue Statistics

Today some queue level information can be extracted in two ways; either from the SMF Task accounting data (class 3), or by issuing periodic RESET QSTATS and DISPLAY QSTATUS commands and capturing the responses. Knowing the number and type of reque...
over 2 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 3 Future consideration

Support sha512WithRSAEncryption as a signatureAlgorithm for PKCS7 / CMS signedData

According to the specification we have to implement, we need to be able to verify PKCS7 / CMS signedData messages, which were signed using sha512WithRSAEncryption (OID 1.2.840.113549.1.1.13) signatureAlgorithm. Optionally (nice to have) we also ne...
about 3 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Monitoring events logging to ELK

Currently only system logs (BIP, ...) are sent over ELK configuration to Logstash agent. We would like to write also monitoring events directly to Logstash agent.Currently, ACE supports logging monitoring events only via MQ/MQTT to topic.
about 1 year ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

MQMFT Operator in CP4I

CP4I MQ Advance operator don't support MQMFT binaries which is used by many clients including us.Based on following work, could you include this feature as part of official CP4I offerings.
about 2 months ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Under review

MQ Web UI enhacements

The MQ Web Use Interface seems to be the future (or the present) hope of IBM to manage QMs in a central platform.As an MQ Administrator I find this tool enough good. But in our world, operation team have to administrate a day-to-day of basic MQ ...
almost 2 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Future consideration

Support for installation of App Connect Operator components from customer-managed container registry on Kubernetes.

Customers want the ability to install App Connect Operator components from container registries they control.This is currently supported (and documented) when the container platform is OpenShift, but documentation (and support) lacks when the plat...
3 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Credential / Password Vault for API Connect

Our Client's require a secure and encrypted way of storing credentials for Backend APIs (Called using Invoke action or Gateway-script). Currently the only possible option is to use API or Catalog Properties to store these values. A secure encrypte...
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

Tool/process to detect high CPU usage channels on ZoS.

We have had instances when the CHINIT process was experiencing high CPU. There is no easy way to determine which specific channel that is running under the CHINIT is causing the high CPU usage. When we run into these conditions we have to do a dee...
9 months ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Not under consideration

Backout target for subscriber objects

Many of our topic/subscriber objects are defined on the queue managers instead of being dynamically created by applications. These subscriptions then point to a queue on the same queue manager. When the destination queue has an issue (like it bein...
8 months ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Not under consideration