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Improved Value Typing in Orchestrator MongoDB returns

Integer Values returned from MongoDB are cast as Floating Point, e.g. 144 is returned as 144.0. If value types are provided in the DB Document they should be used; if they are not, I would expect to see integers treated as integers, rather than re...
27 days ago in Aspera 1 Future consideration

Enable bulk-delete of a list of users from Aspera

The Aspera on Cloud API currently accepts a single user for deletion from Aspera. To remove a group of users, the one-at-a-time method is tedious and inefficient. Updating the API to accept a list of users for bulk-deletion from Aspera would enabl...
27 days ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

AoC: Custom metadata for package send

Ability to create a custom metadata profile like for a shared inbox and then be able to apply that as the default for package sending in a workspace. Use case: You want to send a package to someone but include a trackable field in the package for ...
28 days ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

Aspera multi-session Product Integration

Now that HSTS supports multi-session transfers: Please integrate this into various products. Currently it's in Aspera Connect when uploading to Web applications. Node API and can be used with ascp (multiple calls):
3 months ago in Aspera 1 Future consideration

Growing files for Database migration

ASCP Limitations 1) ascp (HST grow files) only supports file level changes and replicate to the remote location 2) Once the file copy completes, it will fail to copy the same file again if any changes later 3) On some scenarios, ascp file copy sus...
29 days ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

AoC - Option to Default "Email me when a package I sent is downloaded by recipients" on in user preferences.

Would like to have the option to have our thousands of AoC Packages workspace members default to having this turned on in the user preferences. "Email me when a package I sent is downloaded by recipients"
about 2 months ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

Verify the person using the a Submission Link is the person that it was sent to.

Q: When you send a submission link to someone does IBM verify the person using the link is the person that it was sent to? A: No it doesn’t confirm the person. Anyone with this link can send files to this inbox for the time the link allows them to.
30 days ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

AoC - Delete Package Member Rights for Shared Inboxes

Use case - Recipients/Ingestors of a package could be 5-10 people on a team. Once one of them downloads it, the package should be removed. However, a team could need 2-3 downloads before deleting. So then the team has to wait for package expiratio...
3 months ago in Aspera 4 Future consideration

AoC: Prohibit folder re-sharing

In "Files" application of AoC it is possible by a user to re-share a shared folder that was previously shared with him. While this approach allows ease of collaboration around creative material it is not acceptable for enterprise customers, where ...
over 1 year ago in Aspera 4 Future consideration

Connect Plugin to Adjust Target Rate to % of Available Bandwidth

To stop a LAN from being overran by Aspera Transfers. Please add a feature to the Connect Plugin to Adjust Target Rate to a % of available bandwidth. With this feature end users would be able to maximize available bandwidth by setting an aggressiv...
4 months ago in Aspera 5 Future consideration