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API Connect: Enhanced API Assembly Validation for user defined JS

As of today user defined JS in the assembly (e.g. used in a switch policy) is not validated on save and the API deployment fails silently (no error message, but API does not come up). This makes troubleshooting extremely hard.
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Under review

suppress finding by finding and data source computer id

ILMT can either exclude or suppress findings.If finding will be excluded all findings on the system will ne excluded.If finding will be suppressed only the finde will not show up on the system.If we got a duplicate on BigFix BigFix weill generate ...
about 1 month ago in IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 1 Needs more information

Aligned, Pro Rata Subscription and Billing Dates

During an internal review of the terms and conditions for Weather DataHub, an issue has been raised regarding the alignment between payment dates, subscriptions, and data allowance resets. Currently, all customer data allowances reset on the first...
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Initiate archive to glacier / archive tier for cloud storage

Allow users to send files that are stored on object storage to the archive tier (glacier) and restore /re-hydrate files.
about 1 month ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

Forced Shared Folders in AoC

Allows for a folder to be shared by the administrator that can only be updated or changed by the Administrator.
about 1 month ago in Aspera 0 Not under consideration

Provide and error message when queue manager's volume is full

We recently had an issue on the MQ Appliance where a queue manager shut down and would not restart. The error message displayed when trying to start the queue manager was; AMQ6162E: An error has occurred reading an INI file. We had to open a case ...
about 1 month ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 0 Under review

Log out of AoC when using a SAML integration

For security reasons, I and my users must be able to log out using the AoC Log Out button. Without that, common workstations or VM's will hold credentials and allow someone else to upload or download my material.
about 1 month ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

SAML Login(authentication) in ASPERA Drive mobile

[SAML Login(Authentication) in ASPERA Drive mobile]We need the feature of SAML Login in ASPERA Drive Mobile to fulfiling security requirements.I heard that the feature request to implement SAML Login in Drive Mobile was submitted, but it has not b...
about 1 month ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration


Helloit would be interesting for our daily tasks to send request to a REST API under DPOD so that we can get records for specific transactions or other kind of requests.
about 1 month ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Root signer validation mode required for APIC

Currently the default validation mode in APIC is Match Exact certificate or immediate issuer. Can we have root signer validation mode( same as is in Datapower) so that we need not manage client intermediate certificates
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Submitted