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App Connect Dashboard UI on CP4I should allow to enter multiple nodePort values

It observed that app connect dashboard UI doesn't allow to enter multiple NodePort values from the UI. flexibility should be allowed in the UI for user friendliness.
about 1 month ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

App Connect Dashboard UI for Integration Server does not alert when configuration is wrong

We observed the issue while updating the new policy configuration to the integration server with NodePort service from app connect dashboard UI in CP4I, we were able to update the configuration to the integration server on UI and it was displaying...
about 1 month ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

Add optional comment when shutting down a node-owned server, and application, or message flow

During the normal course of operating a large number of applications, deployed to node owned servers, it is sometimes necessary to temporarily stop a server, application, or message flow. This might be to allow for maintenance of a backend system,...
about 1 month ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

Enforce reset of client-secret after every n days for app consumers

Why is it useful? We need a feature to enforce the reset client-secret after every n number of days for the Apps created in APIM v10 or Developer Portal v10, may be 60 days or 90 days by default. Enforcing the client-secret makes the APIs more sec...
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

Upgrade Status of APIC on OpenShift

After rewriting the CR, I want to know the status until the upgrade is complete. When I run an upgrade on OpenShift, I don't know when the upgrade is complete. Therefore, we would like to see log output of the process during the upgrade.For exampl...
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

Configuration Credential Asset Type

Assets usually represent shared variables or credentials that can be used in different flows. They allow you to store specific information so that the flows can easily access it. Additionally, an extra level of security is provided. They can be us...
about 1 month ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

Replace Self Signed Certificates in ACESWITCH_NODE_V12 for Callable flows with certificates issued by a certificate authority (CA)

Like RBC, many financial institutions don't want to use self-signed certificates for compliance reasons. So, replacing default Self-Signed Certificates in Switch Server Node ACESWITCH_NODE_V12 with certificates issued by a certificate authority (...
2 months ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

General proxy support for Toolkit based Connectors

Many customers run App Connect Enterprise behind a "company firewall". They have the need to define a proxy when connecting to external system. Looking at the ACE Toolkit only few node do provide a proxy config option - but many doesn't) (proxy su...
about 1 month ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

Permitir criar / alterar senha usando Microsoft Active Directory Request Node

Usando a Ferramenta Microsoft Active Directory Request Node, com a opção Create User, não consegui criar senha para o usuário e com isso, não contempla as regras de segurança da empresa. O mesmo problema ocorre quando tentamos alterar a senha.
about 1 month ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

KafkaConsumer Node allows multiple consumers in a CGID under "Additional Instance" setting

We would like to scale our ACE12 flow performance based on KafkaConsumer input node and its Additional Instance setting. Let's say our Kafka topic partition is 100 partitions. Our other Java program can easily scale up from single consumer/thread ...
2 months ago in App Connect 0 Submitted