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PINNED OpenAPI schema validation including headers
Currently to schema validate a REST based API in DataPower you have to extract the JSON schema from the OpenAPI file and then code manually code the individual header checks defined in the OpenAPI file Would be a vast improvement to be able to j...
PINNED In loadbalancers session affinity cookies settings allow customization of the SameSite attribute
Today loadbalancers on Datapower can handle session affinity via cookies. Only the following cookie attributes can be set : - HTTP Only - Secure There is a real need the be able to also set the "SameSite" attribute, otherwise, in some scenarios t...

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Reduce MQ channel error reporting for connection list

The MQ client on Windows logs everything by default. It all goes to Windows Eventlog. Every MQ Client connection attempt that has a failure is logged as error. Here is our issue: - client application connects with a channel table. - channel table ...
almost 6 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Not under consideration

[IIB Toolkit] Mapping node : remove properties from the default mapping

Hello, We recently had to open a PMR (TS001192467) due to a new behavior implemented in IIB This behavior is coming from IT21575, and IBM lab provided us this information about it : "Note that the Properties folder will be copied, if it...
almost 6 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Expose Cursor with hold setting

Enhancement to allow override of cursor with hold settings.Data Power as currently configured takes the default setting to add cursor with hold to every dynamic select statement issued. There is currently no way to override this as we found out th...
almost 6 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Make Header Injection/Suppression an Object

Change the Header Injection and Suppression parameters of services to reference an object rather than an array of individual service settings.
almost 6 years ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Not under consideration

Request DataPower NTP synchronzation in "slew" mode

DataPower NTP time synchronization is found in "one-step" mode in which the time is moved forward or backward in one step. It is better to provide a mode to sync the time gradually.
almost 6 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Support for multiple API Consumer client certificates for ClientId to CN enforcement on API Gateway

As part of the app registration process on the Developer Portal today, the API Consumer can supply their certificate and the API Gateway can be configured to check the CN against the ClientId as part of the runtime enforcement. Currently the produ...
almost 6 years ago in API Connect 1 Future consideration

Allow multi-threaded access to the SAP assured delivery store

Update from IBM support (see related Support Case): I have reviewed the affected code area and can see where the suggested change would be made. However since the benefit is speculative and the issue currently seems resolved I think this would be ...
almost 6 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

MQ REST API without name of the queuemanager in the URL if only one is available

Using the MQ REST API if only one queuemanager is available without the name of the queuemanager inside the URL. using:https://localhost:9443/ibmmq/rest/v1/messaging/queue/Q.TEST/message instead of https://localhost:9443/ibmmq/rest/v1/messaging/qm...
almost 6 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 2 Not under consideration

WMQ client mode - failback to preferred queue manager when available

when using WMQ client mode(wmq rar file) and talking to MQ server remotely, using connectionNameList, need a way to failback to preferred Queuemanager in the that list when its available.(without restart of jvms on client side) Please consider thi...
almost 6 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Not under consideration

MessageSight topic subtree to MQ Queue - Support for wildcards in the middle of the topic path

Currently IMA supports wild card subscription to MQ if the wild cards are at the end of the topic. But we need the wild card support for topics with wild card in the middle of the path. For Example: We have topics defined as "source/#/dest1" and "...
almost 6 years ago in MQ on IBM Cloud (SaaS) 1 Not under consideration