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PINNED In loadbalancers session affinity cookies settings allow customization of the SameSite attribute
Today loadbalancers on Datapower can handle session affinity via cookies. Only the following cookie attributes can be set : - HTTP Only - Secure There is a real need the be able to also set the "SameSite" attribute, otherwise, in some scenarios t...
PINNED Add "New Web Service Proxy" wizard to the new Carbon UI
The new Carbon UI does not contain all features that exist in the "old" UI. Espcially the interactive wizard to create a new WS-Proxy service has not been implemented in the new UI and has been, among other wizards, marked as deprecated (see https...

DataPower Gateway

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Support "PROXY protocol" from HAProxy Technologies

Support for incoming connections that use the "PROXY protocol". The upstream system (proxy, load balancer) can use this to pass original client information to Datapower, e.g. the client IP address. This is useful if the traffic between the con...
almost 2 years ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Not under consideration

Full Chain PKIX Certificate Validation needs to support latest DoD NSS Domain Controller Certificate Template

Full Chain Certificate Validation (PKIX) does not work with newer DoD NSS Domain Controller certificates. The support case TS001515278 references a case where newer Domain Controller DoD certificates cause this issue. We are requesting that IBM ad...
over 5 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Add option to disable renaming of files for uniqueness for SFTP poller handler

We have multiple SFTP/FTP Poller Handler FSH's in MPGW's. When it attempts to copy a file down from a remote location, it tries to temporarily rename the file. I understand that this is necessary if there are multiple pollers and it renames the fi...
over 5 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

LDAP Referral Response not supported by DP

It was informed as part of case#TS009239307 by IBM that LDAP referral response is not supported by DP. We would like to have this feature added in DP so that DP can support these LDAP referral response and help in searching the groups.
almost 2 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Enhanced Processing Seize Pattern for NFS Poller Front Side Handler

The current behavior of the "Processing Seize Pattern" within the NFS Poller FSH is not adequate in three points.1) It does not behave as described in the documentation.2) It does not allow to restrict the reprocessing to other cluster members i.e...
over 7 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Common Internet File System (CIFS) Support for Datapower

Please enable support for Datapower to connect to and use CIFS with Active Directory validated service accounts.
over 5 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Unable to add load balancing group to KDC server configuration

Currently there is not a way to setup a load balancer group for the KDC server configuration.
over 5 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Accessing Password Map Alias object from a xsl file in Datapower

We would like the ability to access the Password Map Alias from a xsl file that we have created.
over 5 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

Correct Datapower reply messages for UCD plugin

I opened pmr 94695,082,000 which was converted to case TS000844892. This ticket is related to these. There is a IBM supported Datapower UrbanCode Deploy plugin. In the plugin there is a process for doing a deploy with a definition file. aThis file...
almost 6 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration

DataPower Compare Configuration - Enhance it to work at the appliance level

We would like the DataPower Compare Configuration utility to be able to identify any and all changes across multiple domains. We need the ability to easily and comprehensibly compare all aspects of 2 appliances by taking a complete export of each ...
almost 6 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Not under consideration