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Add function to MQ to listen to ENF71 signal from TAMZ product(Broadcom)

We are using TAMZ product to elevate our ID's to gain higher access during a production issue or during the normal QMGR build process. The process of elevation is as below1.Elevate our normal TSO ID to the EPV group ID which has access to DEFINE/A...
12 days ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 0 Under review

Make IBM MQ for Windows on ARM available

Can someone port IBM MQ for Windows x64 Server and Client to Windows ARM? And make it available as a developer release.
1 day ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Submitted

enhancement to logs in AMU to add details of OAuth related product and subscription

During an API Connect v5 to v10 migration using the AMU tool, the archive-push info.log details OAuth products and subscriptions that were not created/pushed on v10 because they were containing OAuth only APIs and subscribing to products containin...
about 14 hours ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

DataPower SFTP Poller - Adhoc Schedule instead of Polling Interval

As of now, SFTP Pollers are having the Polling Interval alone, We need to have Specific date and time and Calendar for Polling Schedule. There are some SFTP Pollers required to be configured to transfer a file once a day, so we don't want datapowe...
about 22 hours ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

IBM MQ is preventing WebSphere Application Server (WAS) to be started in reusables ASIDs

In our business operation, we need to take down the WAS servers to make the user application unavailable at night. These stops (and later restarts) of the WAS servers are consuming the ASIDs in the systems they run and demanding frequent IPLs. We ...
3 months ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Not under consideration

MFT support for MQ running in CP4I

We have MFT for MQ running on-prem system and planning to migrate to CP4I. Since MFT is currently not being supported in CP4I environment, we are not able to proceed with the migration. It will be helpful, if the MFT is supported in CP4I environment
2 days ago in Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I) 0 Submitted

Update the MQ PowerShell library SupportPac MO74 for MQ V9

The PowerShell libraries make it very easy for administrators to script and execute automated actions, like:Removing all queues from a QM, except the SYSTEM* queuesBatch configure queue depths, channel properties, etcOther operations on a range of...
6 days ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 0 Submitted

Monitoring of the APIDeveloper portal compliance against security baseline configuration

APIDeveloper portal has multiple security configuration items which needs to be correctly set and maintained. On top once there is new portal many configuration items can be changed by portal administrator which can cause potential security risk i...
8 days ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

Security monitoring for APIConnect portals

Currently there is no solution proposed for the security monitoring of the API Developer portal and API Manager portal. IBM customers are looking for the designs explaining how to build the security monitoring (which log sources, how to get them, ...
8 days ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

Missing documentation for security events in the IBM DataPower log and APIConnect.

Current DataPower log documentation is not including good categorization, sequence nor details explaining which log categories and event codes are including potential security issues. Documentation mainly includes plain event code and name without...
9 days ago in API Connect 0 Submitted