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Allow files to be submitted from cell phones via web browser

When you set-up a dropbox and share a link with anyone, they cannot send files from cell phones through the link since it uses the web browser. They have to use the faspex app.
about 1 month ago in Aspera 2 Future consideration

Orch - Resource/Load Manager does not allow view/list tokens used by a resource

Resource and Load Manager Plugins have no way to see what tokens are taken by what workflow or process/token name. If they go stale or fail/bad, the resource pool cannot be managed.
13 days ago in Aspera 0 Under review

AoC: Prohibit folder re-sharing

In "Files" application of AoC it is possible by a user to re-share a shared folder that was previously shared with him.While this approach allows ease of collaboration around creative material it is not acceptable for enterprise customers, where s...
7 months ago in Aspera 4 Future consideration

Aspera Connect - Use PEM key for >24hr AoC connection for Syncing

Users download packages before their highest-paid users arrive to work on them. By having to log into AoC daily, it prevents that from happening automatically. So, by adding a PEM key to the account, auto-sync will work without having to be moni...
about 1 month ago in Aspera 5 Future consideration

AWS hosted Redis Service

Add support for AWS hosted service redis instead of having it locally on the HSTS nodes. This could be used with multiple HA HSTS instances.
about 1 month ago in Aspera 1 Not under consideration

Include and Exclude for Aspera Connect v4 Sync and ASCLI

In HSTS, you can specify an include/exclude option for files to sync from a folder and add a regex pattern match. In AWS CLI, you can do the same for an "aws s3 cp <localpath> <s3path> --include <wildcard pattern> --exclude <...
18 days ago in Aspera 1 Future consideration

multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is must have requirement in today's remote working model to securely validate user identity. Allowing AHST/Aspera Share UN/PW authentication doesn't seems to be an adequate security.
6 months ago in Aspera 4 Planned for future release

Aspera Connect - Activity Window- configurable

We have users that send many transfers. The transferlist will grow large in the Activity Window without using the "Clear list" option. Is it an idea to have a parameter to configure in the Aspera Connect Client so users wont have to do "Clear list...
5 months ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

AoC Login for Deactivated users - Better Error Message to say "You've been Deactivated"

Users are given no direction by the red error when they are deactivated. It just says you have no rights to log in. By adding a simple "Your account is currently deactivated." or something on those lines gives them an action to fix it.
about 1 month ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

Automatically Delete Users X days after being disabled

Add some automation into cleaning up user workspaces and accounts.Currently you can disable an account after X days of inactivity.Having a delete feature after X days of being disabled will help clear out accounts no longer used to keep the organi...
2 months ago in Aspera 1 Future consideration