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App Connect

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Performance issues visibility per project

Our main concern - there is no way to find out which project, orchestration or maybe internal castiron's process causes the issue. There's no per-project view of resources utilization. And seems like IBM support also can't detect from the postmort...
3 days ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

Adding a MQ Request/Reply Node to the ACE toolkit node palette

MQ have been designated as our only form of inter-service communication. This requires us to be able to provide request/response via MQ.
about 1 month ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Add node and Add subflow hotkey in ACE

When creating integrations, having to use the mouse to add nodes is a tedious task. Adding a hotkey for the "add node" and "add subflow" feature would make it faster and easier than sifting through the palette to find the correct node
about 1 month ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Support remote MQ for FTE node

In the new way of deploying AppConnect on Kubernetes, the support of a local MQ queue manager (within the same pod) has been not recommended or at least not promoted.The recommendation is to have a remote queue manager.The FTE node in ACE still re...
about 1 month ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Procedural configuration of connection metadata

I classified this "needed By" yesterday, because it reflects a capacity which I had in previous versions, and sorely feel its loss. In IIB v10, we had the capacity to create and maintain connectionmetadata in a procedural manner. For example: I h...
5 days ago in App Connect 0 Submitted

Add MS SQL support into Business Transaction Monitoring -ACE v.12

I'm really happy to see that BTM is back in ACE v.12.0.2, it is a feature we've been missing since IIB v.10.Unfortunately BTM is currently only supported for db2 and Oracle and in our organization we only have MS SQL Servers. So, sadly, we can not...
20 days ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Convert the Article Body from PDSM KB from HTML to Text.

We requested the conversion be done from HTML to pdf in support case CS2425446. We were told in that case it can only be converted to text. In a separate call we requested to go forward with converting to text but have the option to display either...
14 days ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Please add functionality to use ACE REST nodes to call REST based backend services, using separate application keystore instead of broker keystore.

We want to segregate the application related certs from Infrastructure certs for Message level encryption.As PolicySets and PolicySetBindings are applicable for only SOAP nodes. We have JSON based REST service at the backend, so we need to use e...
3 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Add disconnect option to ACE11 Toolkit's Integration Explorer view

Currently the ACE11 Toolkit's Integration Explorer view only has options to administer Remote Integration Servers or Remote Integration Nodes after you have been connected to them. All the prior versions to ACE11 Toolkit had a disconnect option to...
28 days ago in App Connect 2 Not under consideration

Create operators contains and starts with in ServiceNow connector

In the SeviceNow connector under the where and add condition only the equals operator exist. Need to have the operators contains and starts with added. We have discussed this in a meeting and in email both on Aug 4. with the IBM team. The request ...
13 days ago in App Connect 1 Planned for future release