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DataPower Gateway

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LDAP Referral Response not supported by DP

It was informed as part of case#TS009239307 by IBM that LDAP referral response is not supported by DP. We would like to have this feature added in DP so that DP can support these LDAP referral response and help in searching the groups.
14 days ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

Enable a way to clean / refresh xml-names cache via manual / rest / soma

- To have a mechanism wether is manual with a CLI command or via SOMA/REST to clean / refresh the xml-names cache when the limit is reached. - It is prefreably that we can set this limit to decide if this value is 50% or 60% or 70% for instance. T...
22 days ago in DataPower Gateway 3 Functionality already exists

DPOD: filter Database By Operation/URI Field and Elapsed Time

We currently facing limitation to filter by Operation/URI Field and Elapsed Time. 1) Operation/URI - To differentiate by various of used Operation/URI. 2) Elapsed Time - filter by minimum and maximum of elapsed time, for example find the transacti...
about 1 month ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

DPOD Alert Monitoring- Trigger alert when API threshold limit is reached

I am creating this RFE as per IBM's suggestion while working on the case TS008267731 . We have a requirement where DPOD needs to trigger an alert if a consumer is near (say 80%) of the rate_limit.
about 2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0


We would like to setup our IMSCONNECT as a Backend side in our Multi protocol gateway and having an IMS transaction in mode SEND ONLY. (no response mode). As per IMS guideline from IBM, for our purpose the parameter IRM_F4 value must be ‘S’. Curre...
2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

DPOD tested supported on Oracle and other OS systems

Currently IBM only supports RHEL Operating Systems. There is a need for support for other operating systems that are NON-IBM products
2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Under review

Send the error-report as multiple files or to alter the behavior for the way its generated/sent

Hello Team, We did not receive error reports before reloading and during the startup, we have noticed below errors in the error report. 20220119T222709.173Z [0x80e0057c][smtp][error] ErrorReport(drErrorReport): tid(28031): SMTP Client: Error '501 ...
2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Submitted

DPOD - addition of statistical measures added to the existing dashboards/analytics/service uri calls

existing dashboards/analytics/service uri calls: - report currently shows AVERAGE ms. - would like to see MEDIAN and MODE reported as well, as these are better indicators of overall ms of service calls. median and mode calculated for this dashboar...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

DPOD - Device CPU Dashboard

Current Device CPU Dashboard provides averages of cpu utilization. When the Time parameter is set over 1 hour period, the average does not reflect any brief/sudden spike in cpu utilization. We would like to generate or create a dashboard/report th...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Thumbprint with sha256

Hi, we trying to do thumbprint generation for certificate using sha256 instead of sha1, we able to get using dp function in xslt code i.e dp:get-cert-thumbprintsha1(cert), actually we need to do using Gateway script but dp functions we can't call ...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted