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API Connect

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The ability to change used or revoked refresh tokens to be valid again

We are very dissapointed that we as an enterprise using apic v10 still cant control our customers refresh tokens and to manage its status if we need to . our customers from time to time needs us to change a revoked token to be valid and currently ...
6 months ago in API Connect 2 Not under consideration

RFC 7591 Dynamic Registration

There is a requirement from Open Banking/PSD2 regulation to support a dynamic registration mechanism for APIs exposed by the bank. API Connect doesn't currently support OAuth2 based Dynamic Client Registration (RFC7591) in order to achieve real ti...
almost 7 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Catalog support for control of custom host names for API gateways - need v5 flexibiliity in current product version

Issue is with what has changed over time, between what was possible with APIc v5 and what is possible with APIc v2018. In v5, we had control over how host names were associated with catalogs, and the resulting path to published APIs; it was reason...
about 4 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

API Connect: Add support for custom parameters in product plans

Currently, only the transaction rate can be set up in an API product plan. We have a use case where a consumer is allowed to submit attachments up to a certain size, based on a subscribed (and approved) plan. Since there is no way to do this today...
about 4 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

APIC RI - Disable Global Payload logging mechanism

Hi Team, Please disable Global payload logging mechanism in APIC RI. Provide configuration to the APIC Admin team to enable or disable through checkbox same as APIC V5. Thanks! Srini
about 3 years ago in API Connect 1 Functionality already exists

Scheduled rotation of consumer app credentials

This request is for the option to enforce scheduled rotation of application credentials (client id and secret) for consumer apps. This would enhance security, because it ensures that only the apps of active developers, and actively maintained vers...
over 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Ability to configure priorityClassName for all API Connect v10 components

When running API Connect on an Enterprise Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster with multiple applications (and not just IBM API Connect) it is vital that IBM API Connect can run on the cluster and that the kubernetes scheduler can find room for the com...
over 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

import/export testSuites

At present there is no import or an export option available in the IBM Test tool integrated in APIM for API ConnectIn most of the occasions, we need to reuse existing test cases in test suites from one env or provider-org into another for regressi...
about 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Detailed documentation of pod roles and dependencies

API Connect 10 runs as a set of pods with cryptic names and undocumented roles. When diagnosing runtime issues it would be extremely helpful to have documentation what is a role of specific pods and which pod depend on which (i.e. some pods depend...
about 1 year ago in API Connect 1 Future consideration

Ability set the message severity loging level for Map Policy

With the MAP Policy, optional attributes which are mapped, but not present, produce error in the data power log such as:[apiconnect][error] mpgw(webapi): trans(49903600)[request] [] gtid(e743563d59d74e1602f977f0): Map: API=example_api,...
over 6 years ago in API Connect 2 Functionality already exists