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PINNED OpenAPI schema validation including headers
Currently to schema validate a REST based API in DataPower you have to extract the JSON schema from the OpenAPI file and then code manually code the individual header checks defined in the OpenAPI file Would be a vast improvement to be able to j...
PINNED Add a "Maximum persistent reuse" parameter for the backside of an MPGW or WSP
On an MPGW or a WSP, I want to be able to configure that the persistent backside connection should be closed after X amount of requests have been sent through that connection. I can already do this for the frontside by setting the "Maximum persist...

DataPower Gateway

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Enable SMTPS based failure notification

Current SMTP based failurenotification fails security audit.
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Not under consideration

Getting response code in error rule

In case a MPG is configured with the "Process Backend Errors" option turned off, all HTTP errors from the backend server end up at the error rule, but currently there's no way to get the actual response code from the backend server. This could be ...
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 4 Functionality already exists

Remove RunTime Dependency (For Each Request) on Primary Gateway by OAuth Secured APIs

Customer is having one of the larger DP Gateway clusters deployed to implement their Enterprise API layer.They’re having single active-active DP GW cluster set up across two sites – each site having 6 GW instances - even distribution such that sit...
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Require IBM DataPower Gateway X3 Appliance to support v10.0.1.5

E.SUN Bank adopts a lot of IBM DataPower Gateway as key integration backbond among all of the internal application systems. According to the the enterprise IT standard and policy, the adopted solution and the software is not able to apply newest v...
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 2 Not under consideration

Implementation of x509 version 3 certificate generation mechanisms on HSM.

Implementation of x509 version 3 certificate generation mechanisms on HSMs with support for version 3 extensions.
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 3 Functionality already exists

End-to-End Transaction Tracing from containerized service through DataPower to Mainframe.

With the industry’s focus on SRE it’s critical to be able to trace an application transaction from the frontend application, through DataPower, to the various SoR(s) on the Mainframes. Specifically, support a seamless integration of OpenTelemetry ...
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Add HTTP status code criteria to matching rule.

Often, there are tasks when we need to apply different response rules in MPGW based on HTTP status code.For example:1) When HTTP Response code = 200, the backend server returns JSON and it must be validated according to the json scheme.2) When HTT...
over 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Show more detailed CPU usage

Currently if a DataPower gateway has high CPU usage, we cannot see which service in which domain is using the majority of CPU resources. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot high CPU usage situations. We suggest that running the "show cpu" comm...
over 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

DataPower platform needs to return response headers to enhance security

Security guidelines dictate that all secured services return certain response headers such as below to enhance security. But DataPower appliance currently does not return them. Content-Security-PolicyX-Content-Type-OptionsStrict-Transport-Security...
over 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Not under consideration

support key based authentication for Datapower SSH

As per our security direction, we wanted to use key based authentication to our Datapower via CLI instead of username/password.
over 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Functionality already exists