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PINNED Add "New Web Service Proxy" wizard to the new Carbon UI
The new Carbon UI does not contain all features that exist in the "old" UI. Espcially the interactive wizard to create a new WS-Proxy service has not been implemented in the new UI and has been, among other wizards, marked as deprecated (see https...
PINNED Support the gRPC in Datapower
Instead of transforming from SOAP to the Rest, need to convert into gRPC request or response. So that when the Datapower connects to microservice which is using the gRPC, DP ca easily convert the SOAP to gRPC or gRPC to SOAP

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Increase limit to extract the analytics data

The existing Analytics APIs are limited to extract 10000 event/transaction by single API request. But we have more 25K event per day. So, its very hard extract monthly statistical report. Increase the maximum size from 10K to 100K for better usage...
over 1 year ago in API Connect 1 Delivered

Improving Rate limit for APIConnect Gateway cluster

Currently the rate limit across the DP GWs in a peering group(3 DPs in a peer group in the same Data Center/Availability zone) for APIConnect GW is working as expected for longer intervals. For example, if the interval is 10 seconds and the rateli...
over 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Delivered

DPOD - Add login information in Audit logs

As explained in Case TS011474382, there is some information missing from DPOD Audit logs (/logs/ui/audit.log) that is needed by our security team - details about users login and logout from the web GUI.
over 1 year ago in DataPower Operations Dashboard 2 Delivered

APIC Analytics parse message body

Currently API Analytics does not parse the message body: "request_body": "{\"keyA\":\"valueA\",\"keyB\":\"valueB\"}" "response_body": "{\"key1\":\"value1\",\"key2\":\"value2\"}" Thus, those fields are not searchable. Need to perform search based o...
over 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Delivered

Enhance CDOutputNode to Enable TLS connectivity between IIB/ACE with local Connect Direct service for file transmissions

Wells Fargo uses IIB/ACE to connect local Connect direct service through CDOutput Node which doesn't have any feature to connect securely to local connect direct which is compliance violation for financial corporation as per regualtors
over 1 year ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Enhance CSQ4LOGS program to handle messages put with MQPUTPRP verb

I have clients who have lost messages either through human error (deletion) or through problems with CSQLOAD and other IBM programs. The client has requested that I recover the messages. I have been able to successfully extract messages from the M...
over 1 year ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Delivered

Provide a way for autodefined Cluster Sender channels to use Certificates other than the one in the Queue Managers CERTLABL parameter

When a Queue Manager is a member (Partial Repository) in two separate Clusters, with each cluster requiring a different Certificate for TLS Encryption, there is presently no way to support this. The autodefined cluster senders for one of the clust...
over 1 year ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 2 Delivered

Email subject of ILMT Reports (not scheduled) should include report name

ILMT will send reports via Email. If the report is scheduled (date and(or/time) the repror includes the report name in tghe email subject.. If the report is not scheduled (e.g no of rows exceeds x lines) the report name is not included within the ...
over 1 year ago in IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 1 Delivered

Please create a one context variable to get last invoke URL

We are preparing one log format and in that required to get last invoke URL value also, but that related context variable we not found. that is required for every logging events.
over 1 year ago in API Connect 4 Delivered

Tolerance and node-selector support for ACE IS CR

In order to optimise license costs, today ACE IS (Integration Server) pods on CP4I on Openshift run on dedicated worker nodes so that the license cost amounts to the worker node capacity. We have implemented this using node-selectors on the opensh...
over 1 year ago in App Connect 8 Delivered