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Datapower Integration Module support for PostgreSQL database connectivity

Datapower Integration Module does not support database connectivity for PostgreSQL. We need this support as an increasing number of customers (e.g. in Public sector in Poland) use PostgreSQL extensively as an alternative to Oracle.
13 days ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

Expose the command show xml-names-status via REST API or SOMA interface

We have the need to monitor all of our devices in order to act before any unexpected restart. To be able to achieve this we would use our monitoring enterprise tools, which requires to execute web service calls(API/SOAP). Having this functionality...
about 1 month ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

.Net Standard version(9.x) of IBM MQ library should honor WMQ_SSL_CIPHER_SPEC Config on MQ connection factory while doing TLS Handshake with MQ Server.

As of now, 9.2 version of .netstandard lib of IBM MQ uses OS cipher suite to define the client cipher during TLS handshake with server and only uses WMQ_SSL_CIPHER_SPEC to determine the TLS protocol of cipher which is misleading. Because of curren...
4 days ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 0 Submitted

Add support to use shell script to enter admin CLI of DataPower container

The requirement is to enter the admin CLI of API Gateway(DataPower) deployed on OpenShift Container Platform to diagnostic commands to collect data for memory leak issue by shell script run periodically. The script is required to be scheduled in c...
4 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

Aspera Connect Diagnostic in the Help Center dropdown

Aspera Connect and the Browser extension may be failing is a more common problem in the lat 6 months than ever. Putting the connection diagnostic somewhere in the primary UI instead of deep in the help center would be a massive help. While AoC doe...
3 days ago in Aspera 0 Submitted

Enable a way to clean / refresh xml-names cache via manual / rest / soma

- To have a mechanism wether is manual with a CLI command or via SOMA/REST to clean / refresh the xml-names cache when the limit is reached. - It is prefreably that we can set this limit to decide if this value is 50% or 60% or 70% for instance. T...
about 2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 3 Functionality already exists

Add function to MQ to listen to ENF71 signal from TAMZ product(Broadcom)

We are using TAMZ product to elevate our ID's to gain higher access during a production issue or during the normal QMGR build process. The process of elevation is as below 1.Elevate our normal TSO ID to the EPV group ID which has access to DEFINE/...
5 months ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Future consideration

IBM MQ is preventing WebSphere Application Server (WAS) to be started in reusables ASIDs

In our business operation, we need to take down the WAS servers to make the user application unavailable at night. These stops (and later restarts) of the WAS servers are consuming the ASIDs in the systems they run and demanding frequent IPLs. We ...
8 months ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Not under consideration

Aspera ConnectSDK support - web extension provide - how to get Aspera extensions

Nowadays almost half of customers in my country are using Aspera product by development with Aspera ConnectSDK. Many of customers' environment are closed network environment (not internet but their local network) They provide local host ConnectS...
4 days ago in Aspera 0 Submitted

Aspera ConnectSDK support - detail manual and sample source code

Nowadays almost half of customers in my country are using Aspera product by development with Aspera ConnectSDK. They want to have more detail explanation and how to use manual and sample source codes. Even though ConnectSDK versions are upgrade...
4 days ago in Aspera 0 Submitted