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App Connect

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Use of user defined paramters (UDP) in event filters on monitoring events

Currently, there is no way we can check against static values for event filters (whether to emit an event or not). It would have been good to add the support of UDP on event filters so that events can be defined with expressions like IF (ENV == DE...
8 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Add "Mark for replay" in the message detail screen for R&R node ACE Web GUI

Hi, After enabling the record and replay on a node, the option to mark a message for replay is only available at the top level where all events are visible i.e., at the URL http://<host>:<port>/servers/<server_name>/record-replay...
9 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Smart Connector for IBM Sterling Connect:Direct in containerized ACE

Banco de Credito del Peru (aka BCP) is a big customer and have hundreds of Message Flows running on IIB V9 that do operations with files and transfers them to other servers using CA XCOM. They need to get out of Backlevel and want to migrate from ...
over 1 year ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Option to increase Disk - /wip App Connect Pro

We are looking for the option to increase the disk in IBM App Connect Pro VM. There has been many instances when the /wip folder gets filled up and the appliance goes down. Why is 60GB the size set by the OVA ? There should be an option to scale. ...
almost 4 years ago in App Connect 3 Planned for future release

Persistant storage for flow secrets

You have a brilliant mechanism for setting username and passwords for nodes with the mqsisetdbparm but there are no public API available for that.
almost 7 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

MRM/Message Set to DFDL Converter/Wizard

Providing a MRM/Message Set to DFDL converter/wizard will provide a useful way to migrate from using the MRM and Message Sets to using all DFDL. This will also increase adoption of DFDL.
over 8 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Support an ESQL function to return the type of a tree elements Value

FIELDTYPE() - returns stuff like XMLNSC.Attribute (INTEGER) FIELDVALUE() - returns the value What is lacking is a function to tell you the primitive type of the VALUE(CHAR, INTEGER, DECIMAL, TIMESTAMP etc) I know there is a way to check that a ref...
over 9 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Remove the 2GB limit for streaming parsers

Streaming parsers (more specifically DFDL in this case) are limited to a file size less than 2 GB for the modeled component of the message, be it the whole file or a parsed record. However using the large message technique with parsing on demand a...
over 9 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Per PMR WMB 8.0 ".Broker file" currently does not support multi-instance

Per, PMR 41175,442,000, in version WMB, the .broker files used to attach and administer brokers from WMB Explorer, and WMB Toolkit. IBM Support asked me to open RFE. See their email below. ----- UPDATE -----As mentioned earlier we do not h...
over 10 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Support OpenTelemetry trace on Kafka nodes

Trace capabilities are becoming a standard for monitoring and analyze transactions.OpenTelemetry is currently supported on some ACE nodes, but Kafka nodes (Producer and Consumer) are not yet supported.
12 months ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration