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PINNED Add "New Web Service Proxy" wizard to the new Carbon UI
The new Carbon UI does not contain all features that exist in the "old" UI. Espcially the interactive wizard to create a new WS-Proxy service has not been implemented in the new UI and has been, among other wizards, marked as deprecated (see https...
PINNED In loadbalancers session affinity cookies settings allow customization of the SameSite attribute
Today loadbalancers on Datapower can handle session affinity via cookies. Only the following cookie attributes can be set : - HTTP Only - Secure There is a real need the be able to also set the "SameSite" attribute, otherwise, in some scenarios t...

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APIC V10 Subsystems need to support SNMPv3

Currently the documentation states that it only support SNMPv2. However, there are known security risks using v2 and it should not even be offered as an option to customers. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency indicates “ SNMPv3 s...
almost 3 years ago in API Connect 1 Delivered

Congratulate Ben Thompson

It's been excellent to see the steady gradual march of Ben's comments through the pending ideas. It's felt like the RFE space has been a dead letter office for some time, but Ben's attention communicates that IBM has the intention of actually prio...
almost 3 years ago in App Connect 1 Delivered

RFE for missing 'Mobility' support for Hyper-V where the Windows VM shows status as No VMmanager Data.

We have integrated Hype-V environment with Windows Virtual machines for calculating the subcapacity licencing where we encountered a strange issue where the Windows VM is consistently reporting No VM Manager data in Hardware Inventory on the ILMT....
almost 3 years ago in IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 2 Delivered

MQREST has missed MQHTTP Bridge properties in MQV9.2.0.2

Migrating from MQHTTP bridge to MQREST API while posting the messages to MQ we observe some of the MQHTTP bridge corresponding values missed in MQREST API. New MQREST url was not accepting existing MQHTTP bridge headers i.e x-msg-correlID, x-msg-m...
almost 3 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 2 Delivered

Aspera Connect - Activity Window- configurable

We have users that send many transfers. The transferlist will grow large in the Activity Window without using the "Clear list" option. Is it an idea to have a parameter to configure in the Aspera Connect Client so users wont have to do "Clear list...
almost 3 years ago in Aspera Ideas 2 Delivered

Move Ideas onto

In order to interact with IBM, we expect a URL on the domain. is not on the domain. This is questionable. We need to be able to trust the domain, and this does not sound trustworthy.
almost 3 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Delivered

Queue Accounting should include ConnName of application Connection

The MQI Accounting records include enough fields to fully identify the connection: Connection ID, ApplName, User ID, Pid, Tid, Channel Name, ConnName. The Queue Accounting records do not. They have: Connection ID, ApplName, User ID, Pid, Tid, and ...
almost 3 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 3 Delivered

Fix list for new GA version

A fix list with a new GA will be helpful. Not a complete list but for instance since the last fully incorporated fix from the previous version.
almost 3 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

support for ecdsa algorithm (verification signature)

In Belgium new EIDS are from now on issued with Elleptic Curve and those EIDS need to sign the message in our environment. So a verification of ecdsa is needed afterwards in the flow/rule of datapower. And the validation of those credentials need ...
almost 3 years ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Delivered

Edit the built in role or to add more options under the custom role in DPOD

Hello, We are planning to add Datapower operations dashboard(DPOD) for monitoring our gateway servers. DPOD administrator is granted with a built-in admin role while developers are provided with the power user role. The development team needs to a...
about 3 years ago in DataPower Operations Dashboard 2 Delivered