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Aspera Ideas

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AoC - Manual Update Expiration on Package

As a package sender, sometimes the recipient(s) is non-responsive up to a point. I would rather extend the package's expiration than resend it. Either because I don't have the files where I am at, do not have them period, or did a lot of work to c...
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Allow Aspera does to copy and paste of the email addresses from the To: field into the Notifications field.

Allow Aspera does to copy and paste of the email addresses from the To: field into the Notifications field.
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 2 Future consideration

AoC - Hide workspace member list

We have groups that collaobarte with 3rd parties that shouldn't know about each. Due to the nature of the collaboration we have to provide multiple workspaces with the same data. Would like to be able. to hide the list of workspace collaborator/me...
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Under review

AoC Packages - Packages Draft for Pending Packages

Feature request: Allow users to save drafts of deliveries ahead of actually connecting and sending. I’ve had the site reset a couple of times while I was loading up a request to lose a LOT of work. When you go back, it’s ALL gone. Option to save p...
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 3 Future consideration

IBM Aspera Faspex - Rake Custom Features | Dropbox Create & Manage

Hello, How to request you a devellopement features on IBM Aspera Faspex. We need create dropbox with "invitation external users", on API document i didn't see it. Is it possible to create e.g : asctl faspex:rake dropbox create_dropbox asctl faspex...
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Functionality already exists

Aspera on Cloud: Drop Down of Recent Contacts to Select from in the To field

Can the "To:" field include a dropdown of recent contacts to choose from? Sort of like Slingshot has. I usually send files to the same handful of people, so it'd be nice to quickly choose them from a list rather than entering their email.
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Orchestrator: A module to gather all inputs of [Type] into an array, for fanning out.

When multiple inputs to a logic operator are provided, it is necessary to use custom ruby to look for the presence of data and select it to be forwarded on. If a module could select all inputs of a type - e.g. stepstatus - and put them into an arr...
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Enrich stepstatus data in Orchestrator when steps fail

When a step fails in Orchestrator, the stepstatus data does not automatically include the following information:1) Time at which the error occurred.2) The WorkOrder within which the error occurred.3) The Name of the workflow that the step was a pa...
4 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

AoC Packages - Use Drafts before sending, not after

Concept: Emails have a drafts folder. Users are requesting a way to do that with Packages in AoC. Why? They want the data copied into the package before they know where to send it. So why is this different than sending a package to yourself and ad...
5 months ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Future consideration

Async to preserve hardlinks on the remote system

If existing hard links are modified in a different site from where they were originally created, async creates new files instead of preserving the hard links. Hard links are not known across other file systems, they are only known locally.
5 months ago in Aspera Ideas 3 Is a defect