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PINNED In loadbalancers session affinity cookies settings allow customization of the SameSite attribute
Today loadbalancers on Datapower can handle session affinity via cookies. Only the following cookie attributes can be set : - HTTP Only - Secure There is a real need the be able to also set the "SameSite" attribute, otherwise, in some scenarios t...
PINNED Add a "Maximum persistent reuse" parameter for the backside of an MPGW or WSP
On an MPGW or a WSP, I want to be able to configure that the persistent backside connection should be closed after X amount of requests have been sent through that connection. I can already do this for the frontside by setting the "Maximum persist...

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Vanity url for oauth provider

I am unable to use a vanity url for oauth providers in the latest version of API Connect. I am required to use /[catalog]/[org]/[oauth provider endpoint] when using ${catalog.url}. I was previously able to customize this in v5, but that isn't poss...
almost 4 years ago in API Connect 0 Delivered

Need ILMT API for associating instances with CloudPaks

Dear developers, ILMT has REST API for associating software instances with products. would you please add REST API for associating software instances with cloudpaks? thank you
almost 4 years ago in IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 2 Delivered

XMLNSC parser to write out characters that are not available in the current code page as XML entities

M&S require a new function for the XMLNSC parser to write out characters that are not available in the current code page as XML entities rather than throwing a parser exception.
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

MQA sentiment analysis for New Zealand

In the Mobile Quality Assurance, provide sentiment analysis support for New Zealand.
almost 8 years ago in MQ on IBM Cloud (SaaS) 4 Delivered

Have a way to view all apps subscribed to a plan/product in API Connect

Currently, there is no way to view the apps which are subscribed to a particular plan/product in API Connect. The IBM case is TS003888316.
almost 4 years ago in API Connect 1 Delivered

Support for eg and msgflow monitoring (load balancer probes)

Broker should provide the facilities to easily setup a health monitoring in a load balancer. We run several HttpInput- and SoapInput-Nodes in an execution group. Since you never know the order the msgflows are being started/stopped you cannot rely...
almost 12 years ago in App Connect 5 Delivered

TS003755160 - List out Inactive subscribers for API

Hi Team, We need to extract the list of inactive subscribers subscribed for an API in timely manner from APIC. Eg:- To extract inactive subscribers list since 30 days for an API & how to extract or list out from subscribers list for API ?
about 4 years ago in API Connect 1 Delivered

Add support for Connect:Direct 6.1

We currently use Connect:Direct 4.2 with IIB 10 to send out files.We are planning to upgrade C:D to version 6.1, but that is not listed as a supported version on the system requirements report of IIB.Can you add support for C:D version 6.1?
about 4 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

Transfer several files with same connection to/from a sFtp-server

We want the File input node to transfer several files with the same connection to/from a sFtp-server. Same as mget or mput!
about 8 years ago in App Connect 4 Delivered

Provide mechanism to migrate Shared Workpath from one location to another

We have currently set up multi-instance broker for HA where the Shared Workpath is on a Physical File Server. As a result, there is single point of failure. Our server infrastructure has proposed that we use NAS storage for the Shared Workpath. Bu...
over 8 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered