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Status Future consideration
Workspace Aspera Ideas
Created by Guest
Created on May 22, 2023

HSTS (S3 Metadata): Need for a feature that will allow the original metadata (example in the description) into the object with metadata at the destination Neptune2.0. The metadata was pointed to in Neptune1.0.

I.e., there is a need for implementing in a generic way for the S3 API to preserve S3 metadata for S3 to S3 transfers, reading and writing any headers that start with ‘x-amz-meta-’ for any transferred objects.

Example metadata for some of the files (Metadata is stored using the following S3 API):

MetaData for file with key = 100...

File Upload ID = 100

Metadata = {

                file_created = 24-Feb-2017 07:22:34

                file_last_modified = 09-Mar-2023 06:31:33

                file_name = E13USC27DB19.edb

                file_path = D:/ExchDbs/E13USC27DB19/E13USC27DB19.db\E13USC27DB19.edb

                file_size = 1111993876480

                file_upload_id = 100

                file_upload_start = 09-Mar-2023 06:32:51



MetaData for file with key = 101...

File Upload ID = 101

Metadata = {

                file_created = 24-Feb-2017 08:22:34

                file_last_modified = 09-Mar-2023 08:02:55

                file_name = E13USC27DB22.edb

                file_path = D:/ExchDbs/E13USC27DB22/E13USC27DB22.db\E13USC27DB22.edb

                file_size = 1071057469440

                file_upload_id = 101

                file_upload_start = 09-Mar-2023 08:04:40



MetaData for file with key = 102...

File Upload ID = 102

Metadata = {

                file_created = 14-Mar-2017 10:37:33

                file_last_modified = 09-Mar-2023 07:55:01

                file_name = E13USC29DB12.edb

                file_path = D:/ExchDbs/E13USC29DB12/E13USC29DB12.db\E13USC29DB12.edb

                file_size = 1106222514176

                file_upload_id = 102

                file_upload_start = 09-Mar-2023 07:59:36



MetaData for file with key = 103...

File Upload ID = 103

Metadata = {

                file_created = 14-Mar-2017 10:39:32

                file_last_modified = 09-Mar-2023 08:34:00

                file_name = E13USC29DB15.edb

                file_path = D:/ExchDbs/E13USC29DB15/E13USC29DB15.db\E13USC29DB15.edb

                file_size = 1002874863616

                file_upload_id = 103

                file_upload_start = 09-Mar-2023 08:36:02



MetaData for file with key = 104...

File Upload ID = 104

Metadata = {

                file_created = 14-Mar-2017 10:39:06

                file_last_modified = 09-Mar-2023 09:33:00

                file_name = E13USC29DB18.edb

                file_path = D:/ExchDbs/E13USC29DB18/E13USC29DB18.db\E13USC29DB18.edb

                file_size = 1127160479744

                file_upload_id = 104

                file_upload_start = 09-Mar-2023 09:34:24


Idea priority Medium