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Status Future consideration
Workspace DataPower Gateway
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 13, 2021

Datapower syslog - GROK filter for Logstash

Datapower has delimeters in syslog messages, but when certain data is missing from the syslog, delimiters are also missing from the message so it is hard to figure out, what part is missing.


1. missing: DomainSub, Direction, ClientIP, GlobalTID

- Syslog:

<15>2021-08-20T13:56:31.831414+02:00 \\DP-TES\Domain1 [0x80e003ca][network][debug] xmlmgr(default): trans(4806034): Attempting TCP connect to ClientIP.

- Pattern:

%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Time} \\\\%{GREEDYDATA:Device}\\%{GREEDYDATA:Domain} \[%{GREEDYDATA:MessageCode}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:Category}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:Severity}\] %{GREEDYDATA:ObjectType}\(%{GREEDYDATA:ObjectName}\): trans\(%{INT:TransactionID}\): %{GREEDYDATA:Message}

2. missing: Direction

- Syslog:

<14>2021-08-25T15:30:04.617934+02:00 \\\DP-TES\Domain1 [Domain1][0x80e0015b][network][info] mpgw(MPGW-Test): trans(16644771)[] gtid(8b94ee1a612645dc00fdfaa3): HTTP response code 200 for 'https://CalloutDestination:915/Service1'

- Pattern:

%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Time} \\\\%{GREEDYDATA:Device}\\%{GREEDYDATA:Domain} \[%{GREEDYDATA:DomainSub}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:MessageCode}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:Category}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:Severity}\] %{GREEDYDATA:ObjectType}\(%{GREEDYDATA:ObjectName}\): trans\(%{INT:TransactionID}\)\[%{GREEDYDATA:ClientIP}\] gtid\(%{GREEDYDATA:GlobalTID}\): %{GREEDYDATA:Message}

Idea Priority Low
Why is it useful?

Currently it is not possible to parse Datapower syslogs in ELK with predefined GROK patterns.

Who would benefit from this IDEA? Everyone trying to parse Datapower syslogs
  • Guest
    Nov 29, 2021


    my final filters (I couldn't join these two, so i left them seperate):

    firstFilter ^(<%{INT:PRIORITY}>)?%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Time} \\\\%{GREEDYDATA:Device}\\%{GREEDYDATA:Domain} (\[%{USERNAME:DomainSub}\])?\[(%{BASE16NUM:MessageCode})?\]\[%{USERNAME:Category}\]\[%{LOGLEVEL:Severity}\]( %{DATA:ObjectType}\(%{DATA:ObjectName}\):)? (trans\(%{INT:TransactionID}\))?(\[%{WORD:Direction}\])?(\[%{IP:ClientIP}\])?( gtid\(%{BASE16NUM:GlobalTID}\))?: %{GREEDYDATA:Message}

    secondFilter ^(<%{INT:PRIORITY}>)?%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Time} \\\\%{GREEDYDATA:Device}\\%{GREEDYDATA:Domain} (\[%{USERNAME:DomainSub}\])?\[(%{BASE16NUM:MessageCode})?\]\[%{USERNAME:Category}\]\[%{LOGLEVEL:Severity}\]( %{DATA:ObjectType}\(%{DATA:ObjectName}\):)? (trans\(%{INT:TransactionID}\))?(\[%{WORD:Direction}\])?(\[%{IP:ClientIP}\])?( gtid\(%{BASE16NUM:GlobalTID}\))?%{GREEDYDATA:Message}

    That is all for now, I will focus on other tasks.

  • Guest
    Nov 2, 2021


    It seems this task is doable. I tried merging all the filters into one, so far I have come the pattern below - it still needs a few corrections, but it mostly works fine. "\\Device\Domain" format is needed as Local Identifier in DP Log target for this to work):

    %{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Time} \\\\%{GREEDYDATA:Device}\\%{GREEDYDATA:Domain} (\[%{GREEDYDATA:DomainSub}\])?\[%{GREEDYDATA:MessageCode}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:Category}\]\[%{GREEDYDATA:Severity}\]( %{GREEDYDATA:ObjectType}\(%{GREEDYDATA:ObjectName}\):)? trans\(%{INT:TransactionID}\)(\[%{WORD:Direction}\])?(\[%{GREEDYDATA:ClientIP}\])?( gtid\(%{GREEDYDATA:GlobalTID}\))?: %{GREEDYDATA:Message}

    To be continued...