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Status Not under consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 12, 2022

Enhance MQ LDAP failover handling: if multiple servers in CONNAME and one Server is down, whole Queue Manager should failover to Server#22

We use LDAP for user authentication (AUTHINFO TYPE(IDPWLDAP)).

We have configured three LDAP Servers to cover failover (CONNAME(ldap1,ldap2,ldap3)).

We learned, that MQ failover from ldap1 to ldap2 works per authentication request.

So each single authentication request will first go to ldap1, wait for the timeout, and only failover to ldap2 after the timeout.


Please enhance MQ LDAP failover handling. If multiple servers are given in CONNAME, and if one Server is down, the whole Queue Manager should failover to Server#2.

Solution idea #1 (optimal for our setup): Round Robin and Watchdog

There should be ALWAYS a "Round Robin" between all the LDAP Servers ldap1, ldap2, ldap3.

There should be a watchdog in the background, to regularly (every second) check all LDAP servers. If one goes down, this should be taken out from the Round Robin.

As soon as the server is back, it should be taken into the Round Robin again.

Corresponding messages should be written to the logfile if a server is taken out of the Round Robin, and once it is added to the Round Robin again.

Solution idea #2 (simple, but should be "good enough"): MQ Failover

This solution might be easier to implement.

Use ldap1 for all auth. requests.

IF ldap1 goes down

The whole QM should use ldap2 for all auth. requests until restart of the QM or manual event (e.g. refresh security).

Corresponding message should be written to the logfile.

Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Jul 9, 2024
    We recognise that this is a valid requirement. However it doesn't fit with our prioritised delivery plans for the next couple of years. As a result we are declining this Idea. While declined the Idea can still be voted, and commented, upon.