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Status Submitted
Categories Event Streams
Created by Guest
Created on May 22, 2024

V2 MQ Source Connector Support for XML to JSON converter from Apach Kafka

We have multiple use cases where a legacy system produces a XML mmessage fformat that is not fit for consumption downstream.  

Idea priority Urgent
  • Guest
    May 23, 2024

    We have multiple use cases that would need to ingest an XML message from a legacy MQ queue on prem which is needs to be converted to a more Kafka-friendly message format like JSON before it can be transformed into a downstream data warehouse or consumer application.

    The message producer for majority of these use cases is on z/OS (there is significant tech debt adding a JSON converter), and we have other legacy processes using XML that could benefit from this functionality.  This would be appealing to other IBM customers modernizing around Kafka.

  • Guest
    May 23, 2024

    JSON Converter:

    Example Message in XML:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ebcdic-cp-us"?><RecvDeliverSec><FirmNbr>99</FirmNbr><SubNbr>1</SubNbr><BranchId>9AAK</BranchId><RepId>AMGW</RepId><AcctNbr>99086900</AcctNbr><AcctType>1</AcctType><TranDesc>JRL</TranDesc><Qty>+100.00000</Qty><TradeDate>2024-05-17</TradeDate><SecNbr>8978942</SecNbr><Init>659</Init><ExecTradeId>+240517135423305815</ExecTradeId><AcctPseudoType>1</AcctPseudoType><SecDesc>FRANKLIN TEMPLETON</SecDesc><CUSIPNbr>35473P553</CUSIPNbr><SecAlpha>FRKLN LIBERTY US COR ETF</SecAlpha><TypeCode>C</TypeCode><NewTypeCode>M</NewTypeCode><Symbol>FLCB</Symbol><AcctAlpha>RICHIE  ZAPPER</AcctAlpha><ManagePlanId>SUMA</ManagePlanId><PrtfVendorCode>SW</PrtfVendorCode><FirmProductCode>SUMA</FirmProductCode></RecvDeliverSec>


    Example Message in JSON:


                    "RecvDeliverSec": {

                                    "FirmNbr": "99",

                                    "SubNbr": "1",

                                    "BranchId": "9AAK",

                                    "RepId": "AMGW",

                                    "AcctNbr": "99086900",

                                    "AcctType": "1",

                                    "TranDesc": "JRL",

                                    "Qty": "+100.00000",

                                    "TradeDate": "2024-05-17",

                                    "SecNbr": "8978942",

                                    "Init": "659",

                                    "ExecTradeId": "+240517135423305815",

                                    "AcctPseudoType": "1",

                                    "SecDesc": "FRANKLIN TEMPLETON",

                                    "CUSIPNbr": "35473P553",

                                    "SecAlpha": "FRKLN LIBERTY US COR ETF",

                                    "TypeCode": "C",

                                    "NewTypeCode": "M",

                                    "Symbol": "FLCB",

                                    "AcctAlpha": "RICHIE  ZAPPER",

                                    "ManagePlanId": "SUMA",

                                    "PrtfVendorCode": "SW",

                                    "FirmProductCode": "SUMA"



  • Guest
    May 22, 2024

    Please review the link: