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Isolated esql environment (i.e. jar ) for testing purposes

System: Product BrokerActor: User needing new feature Description: Our team uses Message Broker as ESB Solution. In order to improve the developement speed as well as the software quality we need an isolated esql environment. The best would be the...
over 10 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

Fetaure of Formatting the code for the copy paste code in WebSphere Message Broker

When a developer copy paste the code from other ESQL file to other ESQL file then auto formatting of code does not happen.Developer is forced to manually format the code.Please provide the feature of doing formatting of code even if the code is co...
almost 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

XA for SQL Server

Provide the capability for a SQL Server DB, accessed via JDBC, to be a participant in an XA transaction coordinated by the broker queue manager. This capability would be available both in the graphical mapper and in a JCN. Additionally, it would b...
almost 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

Provide tool in tool kit to import all previous releases of source

We have been using IIB since it was MQSI 1.2. So we have a large amount of legacy code. Like legacy code on the mainframe, once tested and in production, the code can be left untouched for years since the basic functions do not change. As the use ...
almost 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

Message Broker .NET Compute Node Unit Testability

In the 01821,756,000 PMR, it was recommended that I enter an RFE for unit testability of the .NET compute node in Message Broker 8.0. The PMR was raised for recommendations on how to unit test the NBComputeNode object's Execute method, due to comp...
about 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

The ability to back up broker resources in bar files

The ability to back up broker resources in bar files. Backup the message flow and all its dependent resources. For example, if one message flow is backup, all the dependent resources will be stored together
over 11 years ago in App Connect 21 Delivered

Improve mqsicreatebar build time by only scanning for errors in the projects passed in as parameters

The mqsicreatebar command scans the entire workspace for errors. This presents two problems:1. Lengthy Build Times / Redundancy -- In a large workspace, the time to complete the the command is very lengthy, even if the mqsicreatebar command is bui...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Port broker from one machine to another with no restrictions on the names

It would be nice to be able to backup broker on one system and restore it on another and still be able to have the new broker and qmgr with different names from that on the first system.
almost 12 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Policy Set Bindings and Security Profile Informaiton Not Visible In Message Broker Explorer

Message Broker Explorer should provide information on deployed message flow resources about the configured Policy Set, Policy Set Bindings, Security Profile and Monitor Profile information. The following properties can be set on individual message...
almost 12 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Cannot implementat SOAP input authenticate with more than one group in WMB profile or SOAP configuration.

Only one group can be defined for each security profile for the purposes of creating a authentication profile through WMB. In configuring a security for a SOAP input nude only one profile name may be used. Because of the mapping of principals to g...
almost 12 years ago in App Connect 5 Delivered