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PINNED Add a "Maximum persistent reuse" parameter for the backside of an MPGW or WSP
On an MPGW or a WSP, I want to be able to configure that the persistent backside connection should be closed after X amount of requests have been sent through that connection. I can already do this for the frontside by setting the "Maximum persist...
PINNED Add "New Web Service Proxy" wizard to the new Carbon UI
The new Carbon UI does not contain all features that exist in the "old" UI. Espcially the interactive wizard to create a new WS-Proxy service has not been implemented in the new UI and has been, among other wizards, marked as deprecated (see https...

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Quick start for patterns unintuitive

As a new user - I found Quick start for patterns inconsistent with the other quick starts. The other quick starts launch a task in the main canvas or a popup to do something. The patterns quick start puts a description in the main panel and opens ...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Add toolkit validation to soap and mapping flows to reduce runtime errors.

When working with SOAP request nodes (with associated wsdl) and corresponding SOAP response nodes and mapping nodes in the toolkit, I wired them together incorrectly and got runtime errors. When I eventually got to the bottom of the errors; I felt...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Not under consideration

Update Broker System Trace to include value of ODBCINI and the real error behind issues reading odbc.ini

In troubleshooting a problem connecting to MS SQL Server we performed a system trace. The trace provided the following error information: DatabaseException BIP2347E: Database error: SQL State ''IM002''; Native Error Code ''0''; Error Text 'System ...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Enhance mapping node to easily work with SPSS wsdl

A common implementation pattern for the next best action signature solution is to have an esb which issues a SOAP call to SPSS decision management. The wsdl that SPSS exposes is named value pairs. It is not very usable at the moment to use the gra...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Not under consideration

TMODE in Teradata JDBC connectivity

TMODE cannot be used in any other mode apart from ANSI while connecting to Teradata database.
over 11 years ago in App Connect 2 Not under consideration

Redirection of core files in Websphere Message Broker

This RFE is for requesting a way where we can redirect the core files generated for different execution groups/ components of a message broker to a specific filesystem instead of them getting generated under the filesystem where the broker was sta...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Not under consideration

Enhanced toString for MbElement

The MbElement toString function does not print out the list of children or siblings. During debugging sessions, custom code needs to be written to review the node tree.
over 11 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Deploying the individual message flows developed as part of the Application

Deploying an Individual Message flow which is part of an Application
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Cloned message flow application across execution group

message flows that leverage aggregate control/request/reply nodes in WMB 7.x and beyond cannot scale across EGs within the same broker unless changes are made to the aggregate reply node to differentiate reply node "name" per EG.
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

XPath 2.0 support in JCN

I would like the MbXPath class to support XPath 2.0.
over 11 years ago in App Connect 5 Future consideration