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App Connect

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Support JSON RFC 8259

IIB 10 only supports JSON RFC 4627.This allows for Objects and Arrays as primary elements within JSON text. IIB 10 does not support RFC 8259 (December 2017) which, in addition to Objects/Arrays, allows for true, false, null, number, string. RFC 46...
over 5 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Restore IIB AdminEvents capabilites to ACE

The AdminEvents category provided the abilitiy monitor the status (Start/Stops/Configuration Events) through MQTT. These were the basis of key monitoring funtionaltiy in IIB. Looking for the events that are generated when you start/stop/ an integr...
about 2 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Security Issue Reported for IIB RESTAPI

When Consumer invokes our IIB-RESTAPI with wrong URL consumer gets the following BIP code BIP6311E. Security Team raised a concern that customized error 404-URL NOT FOUND to be populated instead of this BIP6311E. For all code we dont want any BIP ...
about 5 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

Business Transaction Monitoring in App Connect

Please deliver BTM functionality in App Connect. It was useful feature in IIB (previous versions)
almost 4 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered

All all Configurable Services + Security Identities to be reloaded without Execution Group restart.

Currently, if a security identity (i.e. something set via mqsisetdbparms) is created or modified, it requires an Execution Group restart to pick up the changes. I believe this is also true for modifications to some configurable services. I would l...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 5 Delivered

To Allow brokerSpec paramter in mqsichangeflowmonitoring command

At present the mqsichangeflowmonitoring command need to execute locally on the broker server to enable the flow monitoring. there is no provision to execute this command remotely (just like mqsideploy) (build workstation for example). This RFE is ...
over 9 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

Enhance Business Transaction Monitoring to use other databases #EMEA #uki

As an IBMer, I am delighted to see Business Transaction Monitoring as a feature inside IIB V10.0.0.3. Several customers have asked me about this in the past, and in many cases when discussing IIB with prospective customers, some cross-flow monitor...
over 8 years ago in App Connect 5 Delivered

REST Request node (outbound) should support Open API 3.0 Spec

REST Request node (outbound) still supports only Swagger 2.0 in V12, do not support Open API 3.0 specification. OpenAPI (v3) is becoming a defacto standard for consuming web APIs and this contains several new features and improvements in terms of ...
over 2 years ago in App Connect 3 Delivered

Congratulate Ben Thompson

It's been excellent to see the steady gradual march of Ben's comments through the pending ideas. It's felt like the RFE space has been a dead letter office for some time, but Ben's attention communicates that IBM has the intention of actually prio...
over 2 years ago in App Connect 1 Delivered

Redeploy JDBC policy

It is not possible to redeploy a JDBC Policy without deleting all resources in IBM App Connect EnterpriseThis affect the availability of our services and also makes management of this more complicated thanwe think it should be. We want this to be ...
over 3 years ago in App Connect 2 Delivered