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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

IBM Unified Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to view all of your ideas, create new ideas for any IBM product, or search for ideas across all of IBM. - Use this email to suggest enhancements to the Ideas process or request help from IBM for submitting your Ideas.


App Connect

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Providing option in TCP/IP Client output node to have wait time in milliseconds

We have done integration with external system with IIB as client through TCPIP Client output. In the basis property we are using values as 1sec. There is no option to keep a lesser value. As per business requirement we need to put a wait time of 5...
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

IIB Delegate Kerberos ticket to downstream system

In the current world of security it is important to know who is calling ESB services for downstream systems for auditing and locking down your environment correctly. Currently IIB can receive Kerberos/NTLM tokens but is unable to delegate tokens t...
about 9 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Request for improved out of the box scheduling functionality

Currently timer nodes only provide very limited scheduling functionalty.Any complex scheduling requirement can be met only via custom coding or a integrating a third party scheduler.
almost 11 years ago in App Connect 86 Future consideration

Provide ESQL autocomplete for local environment

The ESQL editor does not provide any autocompletion for the local environment such as LocalEnvironment.HTTP.WrittenDestination.MQ.DestinationData. I would like to see the editor providing auto completion for the full local environment tree based o...
about 9 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

HTTP Reply Nodes fail to recognise duplicate replies (SOAP Reply nodes do detect this)

When a HTTP timeout occurs using a broker-wide listener, the processing thread continues to process resulting in an attempt to submit a duplicate HTTP response message. When using SOAP Nodes, this duplicate response attempt results in an exception...
about 9 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

IBM IIB10 - Enable timeout capability connecting to Extreme Grid map

IBM IIB10 - Enable timeout capability connecting to Extreme Grid map. If Extreme grid is completely unavailable - there is a 30 second timeout before the connection attempt fails when trying to connect with a map via Java compute node and MbGlobal...
over 7 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Support for LTPA sharing in Broker

Unlike the IBM WAS and DataPower products, IBM WMB currently does not support the sharing and usage of a LTPA Key. It also does not have the ability to decrypt a LTPA token to extract the user credentials during a WMB message flow. This is a new f...
about 11 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Request for new Redis command support in App Connect

System: IBM App ConnectActor: User needing new feature in App Connect for Redis Application Description: Our team want to use IBM Connect for Data Retention requirement to periodically delete data from Redis database which is older than 180 days. ...
over 3 years ago in App Connect 3 Planned for future release

Allow MQGet/MQPut nodes to be looped in for a given set of QueueManagers/queues at runtime

Any one who wants to consume/put messages from and too by iterating thru different queue managers/queues config set at runtime.
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 1 Not under consideration

Establish connection to RabbitMQ via AppConnect

As were discussed in Case numberTS004116812 - we need to establish connection to RabbitMQ, using username and password. But for now current JMS connector cannot connect to RabbitMQ and it is not supported.
almost 4 years ago in App Connect 1 Planned for future release