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Status Future consideration
Workspace App Connect
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 7, 2023

App Connect Enterprise- Enhance mqsideploy command to deploy application & policy project with latest artifacts and restart applications in that IntegrationServer

Deployment of an ACE application which are referring to Policy Projects(even though there is no change in Policy Projects) are erroring out and required either to run mqsideploy

1. with “--restart-all-applications” if it involves wsecbindings Policy file or

2. delete Policy project and application if it involves JDBC/CICS policies

And if Same Policy project is referred by multiple applications in same IntegrationServer, then we had to delete all such apps and policy projects.

ASK HERE: To Enhance mqsideploy command feature to perform the deployment of Application & PolicyProject by:

1. Deleting the current artifacts and updating them with latest artifacts(both Application & PolicyProjects) shared as per the mqsideploy command

2. Restarting the applications that are referring the PolicyProjects to reflect the change as part of deployment itself.

OR allow mqsideploy command to dynamically update JDBCProviders , Policy sets & policy set bindings policies without restarting applications as part of mqsi deploy command.

We are looking for this new Feature which should be supported by ACE version 12.0.4 or higher

Idea priority High
  • Admin
    Ben Thompson
    May 24, 2023

    Idea review. Thank you for taking the time to raise this suggestion, and thank you to the many CVS/Aetna affiliated voters who have recently registered their interest in this request. It was great to hear that you are familiar with the latest changes regarding "--restart-all-applications" which were introduced in ACE in the area of redeployable policies. In that mod release we added the capability to avoid restarting the whole server (details in section "Dynamic Policy Redeploy without requiring a server restart": when updating policy types that previously would have dictated a full server restart (ie for DotNetAppDomain, JavaClassLoader, JDBCProviders, JMSProviders, WXSServer, Policy sets & policy set bindings). Each of these policy types bring their own detailed challenges when facilitating redeploy - in particular situations where links between flows and policy information are created dynamically at runtime, and also situations where connection information can be stored across multiple node invocations such as in the case with JMS for example where local environment overrides have been used. Given these varied challenges with each policy type, we felt the capability would be the quickest way we could help the largest proportion of our users quickly. We understand the pain of having to suffer restart of non-impacted applications particularly for users who choose to deploy large numbers of integrations in each server so approve of the principal of the suggestion. Of the policy types mentioned, it would be good to understand from users which particular ones most commonly create a problem for redeployment. In the Aetna case this sounds like JDBC and Policy sets & policy set bindings... so in the absence of further comments on this idea we will treat those as the areas most requiring attention.

    The status of the idea is updated to Future Consideration.

    A sidenote - although the language was not explicit in the idea, it sounded like perhaps a problem had been experienced when attempting to redeploy a Policy set/bindings policy *which had not changed*... This should work fine without the need for restarting all applications, so if there was any problem found here then that aspect could be tackled through a service case.

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