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[Faspex 5] Allow for selection of text of filenames in packages

Currently when attempting to select the text of files in a package, you are not able to. We would like the ability to select the text of the files in the package so we can copy the file names. This was possible in Faspex 4.
about 3 hours ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Allow Faspex Manager users to view packages sent to/from other users

It would be useful for users with Manager permissions to see packages sent to/from either a selection of users or all users. This currently requires Admin permissions, to view the .../aspera/faspex/admin/manage-packages page, however assigning ful...
about 12 hours ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

In Faspex5, have global config option to only let Faspex Managers able to create new acconts. Not Shared Inbox Admins, if the option to let them do this is enabled. Or the option to disabled this right for Inbox admins

For us, only Faspex managers receive the training to have these extra rights. We don't want someone getting the ability to create users without this. And we want to avoid for instance a customer being able to create new accounts if setup as Shared...
9 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Add the transfer speed bottleneck analysis features to HSTE and/or Aspera Connect (--no-read, --no-write)

A graphical interface for common users without admin skills to troubleshoot transfers bottlenecks. Could be a completely different small app. But integrating it to HSTE, Desktop Client and/or Aspera Connect would be even better. Basically, making ...
10 days ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Submitted

sorting to a specific page

We discovered that the sorting feature is disabled when paginated browsing is enabled. In other words, sorting or jumping to a specific page is not supported with this feature. The list is sorted by the order in which the items are stored in the o...
10 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

AoC Packages - Download a Folder should also allow "Decrypt While Download"

When downloading files from an AoC Package, a user can "Download Package", "Download a folder", or "Download file(s)". When EAR is enabled the user will see a prompt to put in a passphrase on 2 of the 3 of these. Checking a folder and hitting down...
10 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

New API endpoint for aspera Console, controlling nodeapi credentials for nodes

Currently can only register new access keys manually in the UI, creating toil for our platform team Platform teams would benefit from being able to automate e2e creating new nodeapi users and registering them in the console, all done through APIs.
24 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Increase timeout for Aspera Shares connecting to the node

We have a Windows Aspera Shares node that contains symbolic links to another servers. If the servers contain folders with a lot of images, it takes a lot of time to communicate that information into the node UI and we get a time out error. Increas...
10 months ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Functionality already exists

[Orchestrator] In Aspera Orchestrator, we would like to make sshd more secure by only accepting some predefined Ciphers/MACs/KexAlgorithms.

We would like to be able to controll how a Remote Node-connection in Aspera Orchestrator uses chipers and mac:s for security reasons. This is what we would like to do and what happens today when we do it. In the end you can see how we would like i...
3 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Have default transfer resume policy method configurable on HSTS/HSTE

One of our issues with Aspera transfers, on top of them failing more and more in the last year is when resuming a transfer it goes into "check full checksum" mode automatically. We would need a way to instead have a default setting of "check file ...
about 1 month ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted