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App Connect

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Extend consoleLog function to support all log sources

extend the consoleLog feature to be configurable for all log types generated, particularly for container deployments
about 1 year ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Support for OpenShift and Kubernetes native log outputs

From CP4I 2020.4.1 onwards, Cloud Pak logging is now integrated with OpenShift cluster logging running on EFK. Fluentd is able to consume logs that adhere to the kubernetes native log outputs making log integration seamless.Support for kubernetes...
about 2 months ago in App Connect 3 Needs more information

Option to increase Disk - /wip App Connect Pro

We are looking for the option to increase the disk in IBM App Connect Pro VM. There has been many instances when the /wip folder gets filled up and the appliance goes down. Why is 60GB the size set by the OVA ? There should be an option to scale....
over 1 year ago in App Connect 2 Planned for future release

ACEonCloud to support custom sizes for Integration Servers

Integration Applications are developed with the ACE toolkit, packaged as bar files and then deployed as Integration Server (IS) on the ACEonCloud (ACEoC) service. Today the ACEoC service provides a set of fixed “t-shirt” sizes for the IS : 0.125 V...
11 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

KafkaConsumer node support for topic pattern / wildcard

We are evaluating the ACE 11 Kafka consumer nodes to connect our internal Kafka broker and we are finding technical limitation with the Topic name. Basically we would like to have the feature where one Kafka Consumer node can subscribe to multiple...
8 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

SAP Configurable Services - cannot override SAP SNC parameters(SncLib, SncMyname, SncPartnername, SncQop)

Enabling SNC between SAP and IIB systems. We have 3 environments - DEV, QA and PROD. SNC Parameters are different for each environment and we have 100 SAP interfaces (100 SAP Adapters) that connects to SAP system. At this point, SNC Parameters ca...
about 2 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

add getAllKeys to MbGlobalMap class (global cache)

Despite its name (MbGlobalMap) the class is lacking an important feature that most (all?) other map classes provide: returning all keys of the map. See java's HashMap.There are already some other ERs requesting related functionality for the MbGlob...
about 5 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

IIB and ACE KafkaProducer and KafkaConsumer nodes support for ‘Exactly Once' message guarantee

System: IIB and ACE integration/message flowsActors: Kafka Producer and Kafka ConsumerIn order to use Kafka messaging in IIB and ACE platforms for integration/message flows with other systems, the message guarantee is a mandatory requirement for m...
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Support ability to execute BAR override command on ACE container startup

We are working on Cloud Native CICD pipeline (tekton) for ACE applications and would like to have the ability to enable BAR override command during the ACE container startup. This will align with devops best practices to only build once and varia...
8 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Send Monitoring and Statistics to a kafka topic

Ability to send Monitoring and Message Flow Statistics data to a Kafka Topic.
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration