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Aspera Ideas

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Create a rake task to remove users from a workgroup

We have an existing rake task in faspex (rake custom:add_users_to_wg) to add a list of users to a workgroup but nothing exist to remove users. it could be very useful to have it as we have actually nothing to synchronize faspex users in SAML
9 months ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Functionality already exists

Add Faspex functionality to AoC Packages App

In Packages App on AoC, can you please add Release Policy and Release Date & Time like Aspera Faspex. I believe packages is like Faspex but in AoC lacks release policy and release date.
9 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Orchestrator - Unlimited Timeout at the block level

Use Case - A data analysis or stasis block run or content processing can take hours or days to complete. We just need it to complete whenever it can and we can remediate those that hang for "too long" (say a month). Guesstimating the number of sec...
9 months ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Future consideration

AoC - Change Preview

Some customers would like to select their maintenance windows. Can would like to have a dev AoC environment where they can preview AoC changes. Then roll them out in their approved schedule maintenance window after gaining approval from change rev...
9 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Verification of Corretto JRE for Orchestrator in place of Oracle JRE

Our installation of Aspera Orchestrator requires the Oracle JRE, which now requires a company license agreement to apply the quarterly software updates. In theory Corretto JRE is compatible with the Oracle JRE and might be used instead without th...
9 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

AoC API - Add Group Admin Options

I am looking to migrate a customer from Shares to AoC Files. They have 3000 groups that have access to over 2000 shares. I really need to bulk create groups to do this migration.
10 months ago in Aspera Ideas 1 Not under consideration

ORCHESTRATOR : Baton plugin compatibility with 8.x

Interra has published a new version of baton QC : 8.x It is possible to update all baton QC plugins on IBM Aspera Orchestrator ? Regards,
over 1 year ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Console - Health Check Enhancement(service/node status email notification)

Console has an output of 200 OK if responsive with this command that can be used as a health check:curl -sI 'https://yourserverorLBaddress/aspera/console/login?local=true'Requesting this be enhanced with something like https://yourserverorLBaddres...
10 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

AoC - Allow Global Filters

End users often times don't want to view hidden files such as ._.DS_Store files in their AoC views. There is an option for the user to filter by adding a filter to the filter table such as [!.]* The request is to have options to apply this per org...
10 months ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration

Notifications for users added to Shared Inboxes or workspace via groups

In Aspera it is possible to create groups of users, and to assign these groups to Workspaces or shared inboxes. Usually when you add a user directly to a workspace or shared inbox that user receives notifications for Aspera informing them, however...
over 1 year ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Future consideration