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App Connect

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SAP Configurable Services - cannot override SAP SNC parameters(SncLib, SncMyname, SncPartnername, SncQop)

Enabling SNC between SAP and IIB systems. We have 3 environments - DEV, QA and PROD. SNC Parameters are different for each environment and we have 100 SAP interfaces (100 SAP Adapters) that connects to SAP system. At this point, SNC Parameters can...
almost 5 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Support for XML Schema 1.1 for IBM AppConnect

One of the largest operators - Polish Energy Networks is implementing a project related to the integration of IT systems of electricity distributors and suppliers in Poland. The design assumptions used the XML Schema (XSD) standard in version 1.1....
over 1 year ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Search for nested projects in workspace with ibmint package command

When using git it is possible to have libraries in git submodules (nested repos). A clone of a git repo with (Eclipse) projects and submodules will result in a git repo directory with child directorie that are either Eclipse projects of other git ...
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

ESQL Timestamps loses timezone

When performing a query in the database (Oracle) obtaining data of a column of type "timestamp with timezone", IIB changes the timezone of the date obtained, causing that, when being converted by the system that requested the conversion, at one ho...
over 5 years ago in App Connect 5 Future consideration

Setting the field "Policy URL" from variable/property

The IIB MQ nodes (MQInput, MQOutput, etc.) reference an MQEndpoint policy by the "Policy URL" property, whose value can now be set as a string only. We need that the "Policy URL" property's value could also be set by using / including values from ...
almost 8 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Send Monitoring and Statistics to a kafka topic

Ability to send Monitoring and Message Flow Statistics data to a Kafka Topic.
over 4 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

ACE support for MS Graph API for email input/output nodes

Our organization is migrating to MS 365 for email and as a part of that the email team is turning off support of POP3 and IMAP for retrieving emails and may eventually remove support for SMTP. In place of those they are requiring the use of the MS...
over 1 year ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Remove dependency of imbint command on Eclipse .project file

At the moment, if we want to deploy a Policy project directly, that project must contain a .project file. The .project file is Eclipse specific. The ibmint command should work without any knowledge of Eclipse. Better to use the ACE specific policy...
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Access/Tracing Log for HTTP Listeners

It's sometimes hard to debug things like the SOAP input nodes when clients are behaving badly and the node is rejecting the request before it goes into the flow or to prove that somebody is or isn't reaching the server. For example, if a client le...
about 10 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

IIB Business Transaction Monitoring Enhancements

The proposed change request is regarding the new Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) in IIB v10The existing module requires manual setup, is not stable in its behavior (for example, shows irrelevant error messages in web console), and gives only...
over 8 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration