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Status Delivered
Workspace App Connect
Created by Guest
Created on May 11, 2015

Number(count) of in-flight messages being processed at any given point of time in a message flow.

I have a requirement where a message flow FLOW1 deployed under ExecutionGroup 1 has to check the number(count) of in-flight messages processed by FLOW2(a web service provider) deployed under ExecutionGroup 2. The FLOW2 will be running with multiple instances.
The FLOW1 acts as a health check service which provides an update to a management interface about the number of in-flight messages processed by FLOW2. Only when the in-flight message count is 0(the flow is done processing the messages) the Management interface will take a call on the actions that has to be performed ( stop or restart the broker or remove the broker from service altogether).

Does IIB have any API's which will provide the count of in-flight messages?
Can we achieve the same by identifying the number of active instances on FLOW2? The AdditionalInstances property returns the number of the additional instances for the current flow.
Does IIB provide a property to identify the active instances for a flow??

Idea priority Urgent
RFE ID 70962
RFE Product IBM App Connect Enterprise (formerly IBM Integration Bus)
  • Admin
    Ben Thompson
    Jul 28, 2021

    Idea / RFE Review. Apologies for the length of time this idea has been in the status of Uncommitted Candidate / Future Consideration. Since the time this was initially raised, the product's capabilities have evolved and in ACEv11 and ACEv12 the administrative REST API caters for this use case.

    You can issue a GET query against the flow using a URL like this:


    The response will include an "active" section which looks a bit like this:

    "active": {

    "activeUserExitList": "",

    "activityLogUri": "/apiv2/servers/default/resource-managers/activity-log-manager?log_type=MSGFLOW&application=ExampleRoutingRoute&library=&message_flow=RoutingRoute",

    "injectionMode": false,

    "isRunning": true,

    "monitoring": "inactive",

    "monitoringProfile": "",

    "resourceState": "stateStarted",

    "startupEpoch": 1626703985,

    "startupTime": "2021-07-19T14:13:05Z",

    "state": "started",

    "testRecordMode": false,

    "threadInstancesStartImmediately": false,

    "threads": 1,

    "threadsCapacity": 11,

    "threadsInUse": 1,

    "userDefinedProperties": {

    "local": {},

    "subflows": {},

    "globalOverrides": {},

    "all": {}



    As shown above there are now properties for both threadsCapacity and threadsInUse. Status of the idea is updated to delivered.

  • Guest
    Oct 7, 2015

    Due to processing by IBM, this request was reassigned to have the following updated attributes:
    Brand - WebSphere
    Product family - Integration
    Product - IBM Integration Bus (WebSphere Message Broker) - IIB

    For recording keeping, the previous attributes were:
    Brand - WebSphere
    Product family - Connectivity and Integration
    Product - IBM Integration Bus (WebSphere Message Broker) - IIB

  • Guest
    Jun 2, 2015

    This sounds like a possible use case for the global cache being used to store the current number of in-flight messages being processed in FLOW2, which you could query from FLOW1 running in a different execution group. You can query current AdditionalInstances of a flow via API, but this is not the same as the number of messages currently being processed (instances might have been used but might currently be waiting for further traffic). You could also use Accounting & Statistics to get a historical (snapshot or archive) view of number of messages processed by a flow during a particular time interval, but again this is slightly different to a real-time activity view of how many messages are currently in-flight within a flow.
    Regardless of the global cache suggestion, making this kind of use case easier to achieve with IIB sounds like a sensible enhancement to improve the product, so status of this RFE is updated to Uncommitted Candidate.