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Aspera Ideas

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Shared Folders on AoC should update across all users when renamed

When a folder is renamed after it has been shared, the folder name should update for all users so that everyone see the correct name of the folder.
2 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Delete option should be enabled for the Failed Packages size(0)kb in the Dashboard for admin currently it is greyed out

Please check the case no TS016423447
3 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

requestor to lua script

With Faspex v4, when a dropbox transfer on HSTS triggered the pre/post lua script, the provided "tags" json object did have a key "requestor" that represented the email address of the submitter. With Faspex v5, this information is no longer provid...
5 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Faspex Dropbox : disable message box

Before uploading content to a dropbox/shared-inbox, the user must set a Package Name, and can (optionnally) write down some notes in a message box. Considering that content of the message can't be forwarded to the lua pre/post script on the HSTS s...
5 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Aspera Consol install centos 8.a and alma 8

Not able to install Aspera-console-3.4.2 on centos 8 and Alma Linux 8 with libnsl-2.28 It expected /usr/lib64/ to exist and point to on RHEL 8.1 (and CentOS 8.x) releases. Like it did in previous OS releases. Why did we ...
10 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

[Faspex 5 >= 5.0.9] Add expiration hour in the invite expiration column

Since the API invitation_expiration_days is in Hours, it would be great to have the expiration hour shown in the UI. Actually in the UI it is difficult to estimate the expiration hour.As we have an automated workflow that send invitation to extern...
11 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Websocket support for copying ACLs, timestamps, etc.

If one wants to use Websockets, then some features will no longer be supported such as copying time stamps, ACLs. xattrs, gid, uid. These features are needed by JPMC. As such, using Websocket will not be possible.
16 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Aspera Shares - Default users API permissions

When a new user is registered, by default the "API Login" option is checked in their "Security" tab. In the Admin user menu, on “Security-User Security” menu there are the User safety features. Would it be possible in this Admin screen to enable a...
16 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Aspera Shares - Grouping Shares by category

When the organization manages a large number of shares, the list that appears in Aspera shares becomes unmanageable. It would be very useful to be able to organize them by categories. It could be a parameter when they are created and that they ar...
16 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted

Aspera Shares - bug detected on "upload folder" button

In Aspera Shares, only with upload permissions and without folder creation permissions (mkdir), we have the possibility to upload a folder structure using the "upload folder" button.The "Upload Folder" button should only appear if you have both "M...
17 days ago in Aspera Ideas 0 Submitted