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DataPower Log Target Enhancements for better off appliance logging

We are looking for enhancements to DataPower Log Targets that send Log Events off the appliance to a central logging facility.To ensure all Log Messages generated by the appliance can be sent, we need Log Target capability that allows it to be one...
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Shorten the activation and password reset links in API Connect Developer Portal

In API Connect Reserved Instance (version 5 and version 10) activation and password reset links are too long and break in many email systems. When users register to Developer Portal or when they request to reset their password, an email is sent to...
2 months ago in API Connect 1 Future consideration

Edit the built in role or to add more options under the custom role in DPOD

Hello,We are planning to add Datapower operations dashboard(DPOD) for monitoring our gateway servers. DPOD administrator is granted with a built-in admin role while developers are provided with the power user role. The development team needs to ad...
4 months ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Future consideration

Aspera Connect - Activity Window- configurable

We have users that send many transfers. The transferlist will grow large in the Activity Window without using the "Clear list" option. Is it an idea to have a parameter to configure in the Aspera Connect Client so users wont have to do "Clear list...
4 months ago in Aspera 0 Future consideration

Need preStop opntion for gwv6 Pods

In the current design, once the status in gwv6 Pod is transitioned into Terminating, SIGTERM signal is sent to gwv6 Pod. And if this process is not completed within 30s (=terminationGracePeriodSeconds), SIGKILL signal is sent to gwv6 Pod by compul...
10 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

SAP Adapter Discovery Agent Wizard should provide valid Message Model for Function Modules / BAPIs

BAPI "import" parameters and "export" parameters are separated from one another within SAP e.g. see SAP transaction SE37 (two tabs / separate views):This allows import parameters to be defined as mandatory / optional independent of any export para...
4 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

OAuth support for GraphQL

Currently only client ID and/or secret is oficially supported for GraphQL APIs. Most of the users will want to replicate the same security on to the REST and GraphQL APIs.
4 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Be able to unquiesce domain one by one after All Domains were quiesced ( under Default )

If you quiesce “all domains”, you can only unquiesce “all domains” again. You can’t individually unquiesce domains. Same thing applies the other way around. After quiescing all domains, we would prefer or at least have an option to unquiesce each ...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Monitoring events logging to ELK

Currently only system logs (BIP, ...) are sent over ELK configuration to Logstash agent. We would like to write also monitoring events directly to Logstash agent.Currently, ACE supports logging monitoring events only via MQ/MQTT to topic.
11 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Increasing Thoughtput Between MQ and Kafka via ACE

Use Case:Messages flow into MQ from external systemsMQ then sends these onto IBM Eventstreams (Kafka) via ACEMessage sequencing is maintained throughout the course of the flowAssured delivery for each message between ACE and MQ is required and ena...
2 months ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration