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PINNED Add a "Maximum persistent reuse" parameter for the backside of an MPGW or WSP
On an MPGW or a WSP, I want to be able to configure that the persistent backside connection should be closed after X amount of requests have been sent through that connection. I can already do this for the frontside by setting the "Maximum persist...
PINNED Add "New Web Service Proxy" wizard to the new Carbon UI
The new Carbon UI does not contain all features that exist in the "old" UI. Espcially the interactive wizard to create a new WS-Proxy service has not been implemented in the new UI and has been, among other wizards, marked as deprecated (see https...

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Detail of Failed transfers

When application submits a JCL with fteCreateTransfer call with -w (wait) option, if transfer fails on JCL appears only BFGCL0141E message with this XML field from "FAILED" event: BFGRP0034I: The file transfer request has completed with no files b...
over 11 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 1 Future consideration

Adding xml declaration in Graphical Mapping

It should be possible to convert from binary or text message formats such as HL7 into valid XML documents, that include an XML declaration purely with Graphical Mapping and relevant node properties. Currently I have to resort to coding in Java / E...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Provide character substitution options within Message Broker for Code Page conversion failures

There are various methods / points at which a message is parsed / can be converted to a different Code Page e.g. MQ Get-with convert, whilst reading in data from an Adapter e.g. SAP, ESQL conversions e.g. CAST etc. Generally if the Message Broker ...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration

Quick start for patterns unintuitive

As a new user - I found Quick start for patterns inconsistent with the other quick starts. The other quick starts launch a task in the main canvas or a popup to do something. The patterns quick start puts a description in the main panel and opens ...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Retain the state of SVRCONN channel post queue manager restart

The state of SVRCONN channel is not retained after queue manager restart unlike other SDR/RCVR type of channels. For ex: A SVRCONN which is in stopped state goes automatically to in-active state after queue manager restart.
over 11 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 2 Future consideration

When a Source FTE agent crashes Destination Threads for In Progress transfers hang on the Destination FTE agent

The ability for Destination FTE agents to cope with outages to Source FTE agents that have crashed, and not have In Progress transfers from the crashed Source Agent holding on to the Destination transfers threads on Destination FTE agent.
over 11 years ago in MQ, MQ Advanced & MQ Appliance 6 Future consideration

Update Broker System Trace to include value of ODBCINI and the real error behind issues reading odbc.ini

In troubleshooting a problem connecting to MS SQL Server we performed a system trace. The trace provided the following error information: DatabaseException BIP2347E: Database error: SQL State ''IM002''; Native Error Code ''0''; Error Text 'System ...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

XQuery support requested within WebSphere Message broker

We currently have a lot of integration code written using XQuery. We would like to implement WMB as our Integration Engine. How can we retain all our investment in XQuery ? Ideally - provide an "XQuery node" within WMB. Alternatively, provide some...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Allow additional data, scripts, etc. to be included in Library/Application projects but not included in the BAR file.

The current build of a BAR file (WMB 8) includes all files contained in Application and Library projects into the BAR file. We would like the ability to specify, whether or not to include non-broker artifacts held in a Library or Application in th...
over 11 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Support multifactor authentication in SFTP

The fileoutput node is unable to connect to remote SFTP systems that use both a key AND password. The mqsisetdbparms will only allow one to be set.
over 11 years ago in App Connect 2 Future consideration